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12.5 KG Premium Wild Bird Seed with Mealworms & Suet Pellets

Superb Quality Wild Bird Mix With Insects & suet pellets included

17.99 GBP
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Bucktons Suet Pellets Peanuts & mealworms - 12.55kg

A high energy source for wild birds , which can be fed all year round

22.75 GBP
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Mr Johnson's Acti-V8 With Verm-X 100g For Rabbits 14 days supply

Promotes Friendly Bacteria, Internal Parasite Control, Encourages Healthy Digestion

3.99 GBP
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Natural Dried Shrimp Fish Food, Turtle, Terrapin, Reptile Food 100g (1000ml)

Suitable for carnivorous and omnivorous big aquarium fish as well as water turtles and for cichlids

2.95 GBP
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Beaphar Eye/ Skin Ointment for Reptiles, 5ml

Acts as an additional lubricant for the cornea

5.45 GBP
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Hollings Buffalo Horn, jumbo x 1 Piece

Buffalo horns are good for aggressive chewers

6.45 GBP
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Pigs Ears For Dogs 20 Pack Cut Pieces

Dog Go Mad For These Yummy Chews/Treats - Great For Keeping teeth Clean

11.75 GBP
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Red Skin Peanuts For Birds & Racing Pigeons

Quality Red Skin Whole Peanuts ideal for all types of birds including racing pigeons.

3.00 GBP
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ANTIFUNGAL™ 200g By Pigeon Vitality

Superb Product by Pigeon Vitality

35.00 GBP
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Lecithin Oil 500ml By Pigeon Vitality

Many benefits for the racing pigeons from lecithine,

20.00 GBP
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EcoliS™ Capsules 100pk By Pigeon Vitality

To be used when the birds have mild E.coli infections in the intestines.

25.00 GBP
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Harkers Wonder Pigeon Pill 50 Pills

Wonder Pigeon Pills are a big source of energy and a boost for pigeon metabolism

19.75 GBP
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AMINO ACID COMPLEX™ 200g By Pigeon Vitality

High quality and concentrated blends of all essential amino acids

30.00 GBP
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AdenoS 500ml By Pigeon Vitality

Natural blend of organic acids able to suppress E.coli.

30.00 GBP
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Dried Chicken Fillets Natural Treat for Dogs 400g

Superb Quality Dried Chicken Fillet dog treats 100% Natural

6.75 GBP
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Suet To Go Berry and Bugs Suet Logs, 6pk

High energy suet logs containing natural insects and berry flavour

1.99 GBP
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Hollings Pigs Ears Bulk Box 50s

Dried Whole Pigs Ears by Hollings

54.99 GBP
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Suet To Go Birdy Butter, 350g

Birdy Butter is premium food source to help sustain a wild birds active life and combat the cold.

2.50 GBP
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