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Where Your Pets come 1st! Pet Supply UK offer a mixture of all kinds of pet supplies UK wide for yourself and pets which i am sure you will love – We Always have lots of quality products in stock and can be shipped by National Delivery agents. We have had a family Run Pet & Garden business with almost 90 years trading in pet food and pet accessories, you can expect top brands and quality products at amazing low prices.

It is very easy and fast with simple online ordering on our website which offers convenient home delivery. We know you love your pets, and we can supply all your requirements, pet food, natural pigs ears, a favourite treat for most dogs. Pigeon health products and food mixtures for the pigeon racing season and fanciers, supplements, pet toys, shampoos, flea products,hygiene products, pet cages, dog and cat beds, pet coats and clothes, and lots more. If we are out of stock on something you may need we will source it and offer best possible price.

A Reputation You Can Trust

We've been making pets and their owners happy for many years – almost 90 years in fact when taking our family members pet & garden years into account. We've ship hundreds of customers orders/parcels every week all over the United kingdom, we can also send Internationally and all over Europe but special postage rates will need to be worked out on a customer to customers order basis. We work with and use a few delivery agents and partners to be able to send any orders all over the United kingdom & Ireland and across Europe. After all, from South Wales to anywhere within the Uk and all over Europe, our customers love their pets!

Sputnik For racing Loft made With Quality Timber With Polycarbonate 48 inch

Timber sputnik with polycarbonate

85.00 GBP
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Vetzyme Stay Calm Food Supplement To Calm Dogs 150ml

An easy and effective solution to help with temperament problems

4.99 GBP
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12.5 KG Premium Wild Bird Seed with Mealworms & Suet Pellets

Superb Quality Wild Bird Mix With Insects & suet pellets included

17.99 GBP
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Dawn Chorus Insect Fat Feast For Wild Birds 12 Pack

Wild Bird Insect Suet Feast Treat blocks 12 in a case

11.99 GBP
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Fish R Fun Military Helicopter sunken aquarium ornament

Fish R Fun BrandRealistic aquatic sunken Large Military HelicopterVery realistic with battle damage, broken rotar blades, cockpit and markingsLots of holes for fish hides...

12.95 GBP
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Buckton Diet Supreme 20kg

Superb Quality Supreme Diet Mix By Bucktons

14.50 GBP
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L-CARNITINE COMPLEX™ with Magnesium – Calcium 100g By Pigeon Vitality

Increases the endurance and speed of your pigeons!

25.00 GBP
pet supplies uk (0)


AMINO ACID COMPLEX™ 200g By Pigeon Vitality

High quality and concentrated blends of all essential amino acids

30.00 GBP
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Buckton Dove Mix 20kg

Superb Quality Dove Food by Bucktons

13.99 GBP
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100% Natural Dried Pigs Ears

23.95 GBP
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Energy Drink BVP 2 Litre

Give your pigeons the final push for better results.

15.75 GBP
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1kg Pigs Ear Inner Pieces Dog Treat Chews Food Snack (50-55 Pieces)

Lovely Quality Pigs Inner pieces

8.99 GBP
pet supplies uk (0)


Rohnfried Avidress Plus 1000 ML

Avidress Plus contains short-chain acids that lower the pH value of the drinking water

13.00 GBP
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Wild Bird Filled Suet Half Coconut Treats 20 Pack

Superb Quality Filled coconuts To attract Various Birds to your garden

21.99 GBP
pet supplies uk (0)


Pigs Ears For Dogs 40 Pack Cut Pieces

Dog Go Mad For These Yummy Chews/Treats - Great For Keeping teeth Clean

21.45 GBP
pet supplies uk (0)


Buckton Pigeon Conditioner 20kg

Superb Quality Pigeon Conditioner By Bucktons

13.49 GBP
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Karlie Latex Puppy Super-Soft Toy Bottle

Super-soft latex toy for your puppy

1.99 GBP
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Wild Bird Utterly Peanut butterly feeder

Specifically designed for jars of utterly peanut butterly

4.75 GBP
pet supplies uk (0)


GEM Gardex Pigeon Supplement 200g

GEM Gardex is a garlic based pigeon supplement

12.45 GBP
pet supplies uk (0)


Virkon S Disinfectant Tablets 50 x 5g

Broad Spectrum Virucidal Disinfectant

14.00 GBP
pet supplies uk (0)


GEM Aquaguard Pigeon Supplement 500ml

GEM Aquaguard is a natural water sanitiser

12.75 GBP
pet supplies uk (0)


Hollings Large Pigs Trotters Bulk Pack 8's

Quality, Natural Pork Treat

16.75 GBP
pet supplies uk (0)


Bestpets High Performance Pigeon Mix 20kg

Hi Performance pigeon mix by Best Pets

16.49 GBP
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All Seasons Wild Bird Sunflower Hearts 1kg Case Of 12

The All Seasons Wild Bird Sunflower hearts are made from selected ingredients to give a wide range of garden birds including Tits, Robins, Starlings, Sparrows, Wrens and ...

19.99 GBP
pet supplies uk (0)


Mixed Bulk Pack Dog Chew Treats Plus Dentals 2 Kg

This is a superb bulk pack with approx 2kgs in weight of a lovely selection of dog chews and treats inc dental chews

9.99 GBP
pet supplies uk (0)


Bamfords Top Flight Black Minerals 5kg

Minerals and grit can be beneficial at all times eg: breeding and racing.

9.99 GBP
pet supplies uk (0)


Dr Dental Rosewood Dental Chew Dog Treat 80g x 12 pack

Delicious long-lasting chewy treat. With a smoked flavour for extra palatability. Helps reduce tartar and reinforce gums

7.99 GBP
pet supplies uk (0)


Skinners Working Dog 23 15kg

Field & Trial Working 23 is ideal for working dogs taking regular exercise or undertaking moderate to hard work.

21.99 GBP
pet supplies uk (0)


Skinners Field and Trial Maintenance Dry Mix 15 kg

Suitable for working dogs with moderate energy requirements.

18.99 GBP
pet supplies uk (0)


Tasty Spirals dog treat chews Mixed Chicken, Beef, Lamb Flavor Bulk 56 Pack deal

The Dogs Say These spirals Are Spiffing!

5.99 GBP
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Dental Sticks Extra Large Thick Lamb logs 6 Pack Ideal For large dogs Long Lasting

Having healthy teeth and gums is absolutely essential for dogs to be the best version of themselves, because they use their mouths for everything

3.99 GBP
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Dental sticks Natural Dental Dog Chews Long lasting, 11cm Stix, 4 x 28`s Tubs = 112 Pieces

Having healthy teeth and gums is absolutely essential for dogs to be the best version of themselves, because they use their mouths for everything.

11.75 GBP
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Natural Vitaminor Brewers Yeast For Racing Pigeons 450g

Vitaminor provides a complex of natural B-vitamins, which are important for the metabolism of sugars, proteins and fats and therefore in the physiology of the racing effo...

5.99 GBP
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Verm-X for Racing Pigeons - Liquid - 500ml

Intestinal challenges can be picked up through many sources – from unclean stock lofts to infestation from other birds. When racing, it is important that pigeons are in...

24.00 GBP
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Versele Laga Gerry Plus I.C 22kg for the price of 20kg

Complete low-protein mixtureComplete feed for pigeons enriched with the special Immunity Concept+ racing pellet.

16.50 GBP
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