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Mixed Bulk Pack Dog Chew Treats Plus Dentals 2 Kg

This is a superb bulk pack with approx 2kgs in weight of a lovely selection of dog chews and treats inc dental chews

9.99 GBP
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Giant Roast Full Bone For Large Dogs Bulk Box 10

Extra Large Roasted Bones For Large dogs

22.99 GBP
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Natural Dried Duck Necks 3 Pieces per Pack

100% Natural Dried Duck Necks

1.99 GBP
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Dried Cows Beef Ears Bulk Box, 50's

Cow Ears are a great alternative to the Pigs ears

26.75 GBP
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Oxy-B Liquid™ 500ml By Pigeon Vitality

The most important vitamins for lifting breeding and racing performance

15.00 GBP
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Natural Electrolit 750g For Racing Pigeons

A mixture of electrolytes and glucose for rapid post-flight recovery

11.95 GBP
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Natural Dried Chicken Sausages For Dogs (Human grade Quality) Pack of 30

100% Natural Chicken Sausages

6.00 GBP
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NATURAL CORYL, 60 ML Optimizes Breathing For Racing Pigeons


8.99 GBP
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MULTIVITRA™ Concentrate 500g By Pigeon Vitality

complete and balanced blend of all needed vitamins, minerals and trace elements for pigeons

10.00 GBP
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Matrix 5kg Tub- Everything your birds need in one tub

Quality product by Gem For Racing pigeons

13.99 GBP
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LIVER CLEAN LIQUID™ 250ml by Pigeon Vitality

A natural product based on herbs, and available as either liquid or as powder

35.00 GBP
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Lecithin Oil 500ml By Pigeon Vitality

Many benefits for the racing pigeons from lecithine,

20.00 GBP
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L-CARNITINE COMPLEX™ with Magnesium – Calcium 100g By Pigeon Vitality

Increases the endurance and speed of your pigeons!

25.00 GBP
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Harkers Hormoform 20kg Bulk Sack

Racing Pigeon Flyers Swear By This Superb product

43.99 GBP
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Gem Turbo Pigeon Mixture 25kg

This is a General all round feed

14.50 GBP
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Gem Strike 11 200g

Strike has been the number 1 trouble shooter in thousands of lofts world wide

17.75 GBP
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Gem FLIGHT FUEL - 150g

FLIGHT FUEL targets all major points along the energy chain

15.50 GBP
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EcoliS™ Capsules 100pk By Pigeon Vitality

To be used when the birds have mild E.coli infections in the intestines.

25.00 GBP
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Dried Chicken Fillets Natural Treat for Dogs 400g

Superb Quality Dried Chicken Fillet dog treats 100% Natural

6.75 GBP
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Dried Chicken Feet Tasty Chew Treat For Dogs 500g (Medium)

100% Natural Chicken Feet

4.00 GBP
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