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OXY – B™ Powder 400g By Pigeon Vitality

The most important vitamins for lifting breeding and racing performance

15.00 GBP
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Bird Drinking Fountain 3 Litre

Can be used for poultry and pigeons

3.50 GBP
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Leaps & Bounds Cheesy Bites for Dogs, 100 g (Pack of 12)

bite size pieces of real cheese with 5 individual servings

10.75 GBP
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Sputnik For racing Loft made With Quality Timber With Polycarbonate 20 inch

Timber sputnik with polycarbonate

55.00 GBP
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GEM Aquaguard Pigeon Supplement 500ml

GEM Aquaguard is a natural water sanitiser

12.75 GBP
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Bestpets High Performance Pigeon Mix 20kg

Hi Performance pigeon mix by Best Pets

16.49 GBP
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Hemp Seed For Caged Birds & Racing Pigeons

Hemp seed is loved by both cage birds and racing pigeons

2.35 GBP
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BronchoPlus™ 100ml By Pigeon Vitality

A revolutionary product from Pigeon Vitality in co-operation with Biochem.

16.00 GBP
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Beef Bulls Pizzle (5 to 6") 50pk Thick Quality Sticks

Bulls Pizzle Sticks Lovely Thick Quality

49.00 GBP
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Aviform DIMETHYLFORM DMG for Racing Pigeons 500g

Natural nutritional racing pigeon performance enhancing supplement

14.00 GBP
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Lecithin Oil 500ml By Pigeon Vitality

Many benefits for the racing pigeons from lecithine,

20.00 GBP
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Bucktons Light Speed 20kg

With a high inclusion of fat, this makes Light Speed a high energy blend. Perfect for increasing stamina and performance during the racing season.

14.50 GBP
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Burgess Excel Small Animal Salad Snacks - Banana & Papaya 60g

Banana and Papaya are a delicious mix of 100% natural air dried fruit, vegetables and hay.

3.99 GBP
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Premium Wild Bird Mixture With Dried Insects 3.5kg

Premium Quality Supplied in 3.5kg Plastic Bucket

4.25 GBP
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Pigs Ears For Dogs 20 Pack Cut Pieces

Dog Go Mad For These Yummy Chews/Treats - Great For Keeping teeth Clean

11.75 GBP
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Fish 'R' Fun Blue Sunken Plane Aquatic Ornament

Fish 'R' Fun Blue Sunken Plane Aquatic Ornament 

14.50 GBP
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Dawn Chorus Insect Fat Feast For Wild Birds 12 Pack

Wild Bird Insect Suet Feast Treat blocks 12 in a case

11.99 GBP
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Hollings Pigs Ears Bulk Box 50s

Dried Whole Pigs Ears by Hollings

54.99 GBP
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Versele Laga Oropharma Forma Drops 15ml

Forma Drops are soothing eye drops for eye care and eye hygiene

7.75 GBP
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Beetroot Powder Racing Fuel For Pigeons 100g Tub

100% Natural Beetroot Powder For Racing Pigeons

12.99 GBP
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