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ELECTRO-B - 200 ml By Gem

liquid supplement which helps balance the body electrolytes (salts) in the pigeons.

9.95 GBP
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Harkers Wonder Pigeon Pill 50 Pills

Wonder Pigeon Pills are a big source of energy and a boost for pigeon metabolism

19.75 GBP
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Top Flight Respiro Zorb Loft Dry Disinfectant 10kg By Bamfords

A Breath of Fresh Air

19.99 GBP
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Natural Electrolit 750g For Racing Pigeons

A mixture of electrolytes and glucose for rapid post-flight recovery

11.95 GBP
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Rosewood Wildbird Peanut Feeder Metal Cylinder

High quality productDespatched on the next working day or soonerNormal Retail Price £6.99 each

2.50 GBP
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Wild Bird Utterly Peanut butterly feeder

Specifically designed for jars of utterly peanut butterly

4.75 GBP
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Versele Laga Oropharma Avicas Tablets x 40

VL Febantel 15mg, tablets

17.00 GBP
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Harkers – 4 in 1 Spot On treatment for pigeons 5ml

The most recent and unique addition to our range. Designed to treat and prevent coccidiosis, canker, worms and external parasites (lice and mites) in racing pigeons

24.00 GBP
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Buckton Diet Supreme 20kg

Superb Quality Supreme Diet Mix By Bucktons

14.50 GBP
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Oxy-B Liquid™ 500ml By Pigeon Vitality

The most important vitamins for lifting breeding and racing performance

15.00 GBP
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Superelixer 4+ by DAC For Pigeons 1 litre

Superb Quality Product Pigeon Flyers Use To Keep Birds In Good Health

25.00 GBP
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Suet To Go Berry and Bugs Suet Logs, 6pk

High energy suet logs containing natural insects and berry flavour

1.99 GBP
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Skinners Working Dog 23 15kg

Field & Trial Working 23 is ideal for working dogs taking regular exercise or undertaking moderate to hard work.

21.99 GBP
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Virkon S Disinfectant Tablets 50 x 5g

Broad Spectrum Virucidal Disinfectant

14.00 GBP
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Pigs Ears For Dogs 40 Pack Cut Pieces

Dog Go Mad For These Yummy Chews/Treats - Great For Keeping teeth Clean

21.45 GBP
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Beaphar Bogena Multi Vitamin for Parrots and Large Parakeets 20 ml

Valuable liquid supplement for Parrots and other lSuitable for African Grey,Amazon,Cockatiel,Cockatoo,Conure - Large,Eclectus,Macaw - Large,Macaw - Small,Caique,Beaphar B...

4.95 GBP
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EcoliS™ Capsules 100pk By Pigeon Vitality

To be used when the birds have mild E.coli infections in the intestines.

25.00 GBP
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Hemp Seed For Caged Birds & Racing Pigeons

Hemp seed is loved by both cage birds and racing pigeons

2.35 GBP
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Beaphar WORMclear Tablets for Small Dogs

Kills both roundworms and tapewormsUse from 2 weeks of age and weighing more than 3kgMeaty flavouredEffective in One DoseFor dogs up to 20kg

3.99 GBP
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Bird Drinking Fountain 3 Litre

Can be used for poultry and pigeons

3.50 GBP
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