About Us

Whether you are looking to buy, sell or post an add for something you are looking for - you can Make It Happen right here on Ukbids Away! We are constantly creating an auction site where the member's have a voice! Where Customer Service is a Top Priority!

We started Ukbids Away for those looking for a new venue to sell their merchandise/services and buyers to have more options. While the large auction sites will always hold a high position on the internet, that doesn't mean there shouldn't be other auction marketplaces available to you. There is competition in every marketplace imaginable, after all competition is the cornerstone of business.

We feel that variety allows more choices for the consumer. Supply and demand is what keeps prices down and customer service levels at their highest.

With that in mind, Ukbids Away was created to allow you an option, an ever important and valuable choice these days. Although we are new, we hope to rapidly rise to the point of being on an equal level as our competition in time, and you never no eventually overshadow them all together by excelling in every possible facet of this industry, with customer service being our top priority.

At Ukbids Away we want your voice to count, we want to hear what you have to say! We want to be that other valuable competitor that you can go to day and night 24/7! Your suggestions and concerns will never be ignored. Your voice WILL count!

We believe the online auction industry is getting ready to take a new direction, one where both the buyer and seller can choose a variety of sites from which to buy and sell. The days of using one auction site to find what you are looking for is gone! But the search for the best deals, best customer service and the most user friendly is always ongoing.

We're sure many of you have tried the many sites that have popped up, giving them a chance. Some of them offer a whole different strategy. Well, we believe that getting people to try something new is hard enough, and if you are going to suggest a change it needs to be as simple and easy to navigate as possible. So we designed Ukbids Away with you in mind. We wanted to create a site that kept in step with what you are so used to elsewhere. From the ease of Ukbids Away`s site navigation to our user friendly auction process, we think we have a winning idea!

We have created this site with state of the art programming, server hosting, security and a fantastic array of features which we are constantly upgrading. Yet, please keep in mind we still have advancements to be made and we will continue to enhance and upgrade the services on our site all while making our #1 priority YOU! Your comments are always welcomed and appreciated. Our promise is to never lose sight of YOU!

We have decided to open our New Ukbids Away site without the usual high fees other auction sites demand. Ukbids Away now has No Listing Fees! No Reserve Fees! No Gallery Fees! No Buy-It-Now Fees! and No Second Category Fees - EVER! You just pay for upgrades and a very small final value fee only if the item sells so you cant really loose, & just a 75p verify fee on sign-up. Visit our Fees page to learn more. We do intend on launching an extensive marketing program which can only be afforded from the fees earned on this website. So by paying fees you are participating in the marketing and growth of your new online auction marketplace, all the more reason for your input to be heard and listened to.

Together we can forge ahead into a very successful site with a bright future. With that being said, please remember we must charge a nominal fee in order to spend thousands of Pounds to promote your products and services.

Let us kick-off Ukbids Away as a family and community based auction site. We believe many of you out there have been looking for exactly this option.

Thank You and Happy Buying & Selling Everyone!

If you have an additional question about this subject, please use the Contact Us page.